Dock Square Pavilion

Located on the proposed Dock Square in Victoria Harbour, opposite the new Docklands Library and at the nexus of Collins and Bourke Street, this compact pavilion occupies a pivotal role in the development of the Dock Square precinct.

Designed for Lendlease in collaboration with Aspect/ Oculus Landscape Architects, the 84sqm pavilion, which provides a small cafe, storage, and some public amenities, sets out to act as a threshold to Dock Square. Working in dialogue to the adjacent Sally Smart steel sculpture installation, this pavilion will help to define and activate the entry zone to the park.

Working closely with the urban design of the space, the pavilion was conceived as an extension of the landscape. With a palette of patinated wharf timbers the pavilion appears akin to a dynamic stack of timber sleepers, providing warm spaces within to sit and engage with the park and adjacent artwork.

At night, the pavilion will be lit through a delicate lighting scheme designed by Bruce Ramus, and become a beacon for the area.