Who we are.

At Craig Tan Architects we create memorable experiences, places people seek out again and again.

We are one of Australia’s leading architectural, interiors and urban design firms. This means that we work with and between these disciplines to ensure coherent, integrated solutions. Our unique and demonstrated expertise lies in the creation of intensively used destinations in green field sites, the reinvention of existing spaces, and the crafting of nuanced interiors.

Our portfolio extends across a variety of contexts and typologies, ranging from hospitality, commercial, retail, education, cultural and civic, through to residential. Our spaces are crafted to be fresh yet also timeless. They are always fundamentally about interaction, observation, comfort, sensory engagement, and great atmosphere.

We embrace new challenges, and recognise that the best designs come from a close and rewarding relationship with the Client.

What we love doing.

We focus on the user experience, to create the places that make you feel more alive and connected with your environment. Some see us as the activators.

We achieve this by employing specialised design techniques to engage the senses and awaken the user. Working from the urban scale down to the personal level, we calibrate the perfect atmosphere to activate spaces into memorable places. This essential quality draws people back time and time again, and creates spaces of renewal and respite.

Our expertise at social activation has seen us gain successful repeat work with industry leaders in public, retail, hospitality, hotel, commercial and residential projects.

We are a boutique and agile design studio. This enables our director Craig Tan to define the creative vision with you, and crucially, to follow through to completion ensuring the best outcome for every project.

Our calling is making the public and personal realm better, and we look to bring this quality to every project no matter how small or large.