Our team is comprised of a carefully selected group of skilled individuals with a wide range of experience. We pride ourselves on working as a unified team to deliver each project to an exceptional standard.

Meet our studio leaders below.

Craig Tan | Director

Scale savvy, strategic and commercially sensitive

Craig is an exceptional creative thinker, analyst, designer, and artist He works adeptly within and across all dimensions and disciplines at once: interiors, architectural and urban. Visionary ideas are translated with his artistic freehand drawings. This ‘multidiscipli-verse’ capability is unique and is being honed as the years and project challenges evolve.

Craig has carefully and rapidly curated an astral career: first working on community projects with Greg Burgess, to high-density design and feasibility at SJB, Project and Design Architect for New Acton Nishi in Canberra at Fender Katsalidis, and 5 years in London, where he was a project director at Adjaye Associates. Craig started his signature firm in 2011 and works across Australia with select international projects.

Tessa Williamson | Senior Associate

Analytical, commercially-driven and expertly orchestrating

Tessa is ferociously focused, intelligent and an architect of diverse experience and immense integrity. With a ‘can-do’ attitude, Tessa orchestrates project scope, commercials, and production, with Craig’s strategic support. She casts an eagle-eye over all aspects of our project delivery, overseeing quality, upholding, and questioning colleagues and collaborators to ensure both client objectives and design intent are met.

Prior to joining our studio in 2018, Tessa worked with another Adjaye Associates alumnus at CarverHaggard Architects in London, where she cut her teeth enriching design-focused projects across London, Malaysia and Singapore.

Stephanie Bott | Associate

Sublime design talent with the Midas’ touch

Steph is a quietly spoken and bravely brilliant designer who brings and enriches her amazing design pedigree from the United Kingdom to our studio. Her exceptional design talents apply to architecture and interiors alike. She plays a key role across all design projects, where she contributes fresh insights and ideas, delicate and austere details, as well as her magic talent for visualising design to capture the quality of space, texture and light. She appreciates and extends our studio design ethic and passion for excellent service.