Capital Brewing Taproom – Canberra Airport

Winner of the Australian Institute of Architects Awards (ACT Chapter) 2021 – Interior Architecture Category

The 2021 IDEA Awards – Shortlist in the Hospitality Category

The Capital Brewing Company Airport Taproom (CBC), showcases a local maker and their ethos of reconnection to the landscape.  Under timber coffered canopies, two pavilions, create an atmospheric and tactile environment that entices engagement, frames views to the surrounding hills, and encourages a street-like activation to the surrounding airport lounge.

An interplay of metal frames and blockwork dwarf walls define a variegated perimeter around a bar and stained plywood wrapped core.  Nooks carved into the core, provide intimate hidey holes, contrasting the more urban perching points around the taproom edge.

The layered and atmospheric environment of the taproom provides a memorable place of respite within the rushed transit experience of the airport terminal.

Photography by Jaime Diaz-Berrio