Brompton Pavilion

Winner of Dulux Colour Award 2015 – Commercial Exterior – Brompton Pavilion

CTA were invited to develop a community pavilion that incorporated an experience suite, cafe, and associated amenities.  They sought to provide potential buyers with a glimpse of the future Brompton community, and provide an ongoing community hub into the future. 

The 430m² pavilion is designed as an ‘amplifier of the landscape’. Wrapped around a courtyard, the pavilion serves to heighten the awareness of the landscape by selective framing of views.  Conceived as a series of units within a wrapping screen, the pavilion has a series of internal courtyards that draw nature into the interiors.

This exciting pavilion opened in November 2014.  Since opening, the pavilion has activated the former chicken farm, and become a focus for community events and activities, such as Easter egg hunts, bonfire parades, and yoga classes.  

The Brompton Pavilion was designed to be highly visible from the nearby roundabout using landscaping and highly coloured facade elements to provide legibility to the surrounding context.  This visibility has attracted many passers-by, and truly given the pavilion a presence and identity in the local community.

Photography by Jaime Diaz-Berrio