hwkr food centre

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Shortlisted for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2018 - Hospitality Category

HWKR Food Centre is an innovative and futuristic 200 seat Asian food centre commissioned by ICD property and Brandworks to activate the public realm of the EQ Tower in Melbourne’s CBD. With a technological focus, and featuring an all-day café/bar complemented by four tenant kiosks on three-monthly rotations, HWKR adapts traditional Hawker cuisine for a modern Melbourne audience.

Aspiring to create a socially thriving village-like atmosphere to encourage communal interaction, HWKR is composed around three diaphanous mesh clad pavilions nested over 2 platforms.. Adjoining an existing pedestrian arcade, the permeable pavilion arrangement allows the tenancy to blur and emanate into the arcade, engaging it as an activated laneway.

Glowing colour-fields in the exposed sea of ceiling ducts over provide dynamic accents to the space. Occupiable pop-out seating activates the lane, whilst bench seats, bleacher seating, and hovering Japanese lanterns energise the in-between spaces, and contribute to a layered and loose social dining space.

Interfacing with the street, the façade is articulated as a warm, sculptural cut-in. Profiled metal cladding and a cut-in timber booth seat window serve to refract and draw daylight deep into the interior, and to provide layers of intimate edge conditions within the street interface.

Photography by Jaime Diaz-Berrio