prospect housing

  • multi-unit residential

2011 –

9 units – GFA 1550m²

Located on a narrow, steep slope and blessed with sweeping views of the city, this medium density housing development explores the interplay of scales. With close proximity to Northcote High Street, this development mediates between the suburban scale of the street, and the vast escapism offered by the expansive views.

In order to respond to the scale of the site, the building is composed from 2 forms; a solid plinth, with a sculptural top piece. The uppermost section addresses the streetscape with a stacking of simple forms that correlate with the key heights of the adjacent context. Timber screening provides a sense of warmth and materiality to the street.

The lower plinth-like section of the development, literally grows up out of the slope. Light wells and courtyards are cut into the volume, providing a simple yet elegant structure of sliding blocks.

Nestling down into the site, each apartment is unique, responding to the confluence of opportunities that intersect on this dense site.