platform pavilion

  • multi-unit residential

2018 -

Blueways and Wolfdene developers are creating a new land sales estate in Donnybrook, Victoria. The Platform display suite looks to convey key themes of protection and connection.

On this conceptual basis, it was evident that Platform will be a unique development in that it elegantly balances the interplay of nature in a conservation zone, and the urban platform that connects it to the city. Integrating these 2 contrary aspects into a community positions the Platform Development as a truly connected ‘Gateway to Nature’.

As it was not possible to locate the pavilion with an aspect onto the conservation wetlands, and given that we understood the pavilion would be built out as stage 1 to 4 slowly encroached and surrounded the display suite, we felt that a more introspective pavilion was required.

Focused around a courtyard, we envisage the pavilion becoming a frame for a microcosm of nature, that would capture the essence of the conservation zone experience. To further capture the imagination of the visitors, the pavilion form would be designed to choreograph the approach in such a way that the display suite experience would commence from the distant highway. A visit to the pavilion would become a journey to a rarified sense of nature within the courtyard, and further amplify the close relationship of the railway station to the conservation zone.

A key parameter of the design brief was to re-use the existing ‘East’ pavilion by John Devine Homes. This L-shaped pavilion, was to be relocated to the site, and adapted to accord to the Platform ethos. By complementing this with a freestanding screen, it gave us the ability to create a pavilion in scale with the landscape, and to focus the display suite around a courtyard.