dancing house

  • residential

2014 – 2015

Responding to the Client's desire for intimate and comfortable outdoor spaces, this extension project creates a new living wing that lightly connects to the existing Calfornian Bungalow.

By delicately pulling away from the existing structure, the new addition is configured to choreograph the site into a series of 3 courtyards. Each courtyard, has a varying character, that aims to animate and individualise the adjacent living spaces, as the Client couple journey through the house to their inner haven. The delicate interplay between the existing house and the new addition inspired the dancing house moniker.

To accommodate one of the Client's wheelchair requirements, ramps are integrated skillfully at increments across the site, to create an accessible transition from the rear carport throughout the house.

In the near future, the three courtyards will be thoughtfully landscaped by the Clients as they discover and learn the nuances of each space. Located on the South side, the bridge courtyard, will provide a cool and intimate respite. A layering of trees to the forest courtyard will imbue the framed view of it from the dining area with mysterious depth. Finally, the North facing planter in the sun courtyard will embrace a tree that will provide a buffer to the street, and created dappled shelter from the sun during the Summer months.

Photography - Jaime Diaz-Berrio