visor house

  • residential

2008 – 2010 completed

Taking an existing single storey West Melbourne terrace house with limited connection to outdoor spaces, this extension focuses on animating and reconnecting the living and wet areas of the house with the external environment by infusing them with a variety of light qualities.

A butterfly roof to the living space defines the kitchen and living areas. The quality of these spaces is enhanced by the introduction of light tempered by timber baffles. Deeper within the house a light well adjacent to the second bedroom evokes a contemplative air, whilst introducing light to the adjacent bathroom.

The glazed façade to the back garden / carspace has a rhythmic expression of timber fins to provide a unifying scale to the outdoor space. This façade is indented at lower level to accommodate the carspace, whilst conversely projecting out at the upper level to create a light filter to the living space and provide a more human scale to the space. This peeling upper timber fin screen conjures the appearance of a visor, offering a subtle light filtering buffer to the exterior.