Craig Tan Architects is an award winning architectural and interior design company that believes in tailoring spaces for people to make them feel more alive and inspired in their everyday life.

For us, design is about gaining a deep understanding of your site, how you would like to use and feel within a space, and then interlinking and translating this as simply and gracefully as possible.

We commence with a rigorous briefing process to tease out the key aspects of how you live, the specific site and environment, and the kind of experiences that truly inspire you.

Through design, we forge interconnections between these qualities, and amplify this by using techniques that invite you to experience these links holistically.

With Craig’s 19 years of broad industry experience both nationally and internationally, we can translate these ideas across all building types and scales.

In the residential sector, we help realise spaces that create a calming, sensory retreat from the world, whilst allowing a reconnection with nature.

At the larger scale of public and commercial projects, we believe in creating places that draw people together, by enticing and bolstering social engagement, and reinforcing connections to the natural environment.

We take delight in crafting and refining the ­­smallest detail, and recognise the importance of relating a design back to the greater street and city context.

Always eager to learn, we encourage your ongoing interaction and feedback, and actively embrace collaborations with other designers, artists and makers for the unique insights and richness they provide to the outcome.