glade house

  • residential

2012 –

The Clients of this Victorian weatherboard house in Yarraville sought a solution to allow their outdoor entertaining lifestyle to infuse the enclosed interior of their house.

Inspiration was drawn from the glade-like back garden, surrounded by a wall of trees in the adjacent lot, and characterised by the dappled light cast by a beautiful Jacaranda tree. This was the primary room of the house.

Treating the whole site as a holistic and interrelated sequence of spaces, the two-storey addition at the back was placed to correlate with the front heritage section of the house, and to frame the garden beyond. The new living area addition formed a primary room, which allowed the introduction of a light well and kitchen zone as interstitial spaces, lit from above, to draw pockets of nature deep into the house. Thus, the design articulates the whole site as pockets of occupiable spaces that create an intimacy closely connected to the cycles of nature.